what we are

Welcome to the world of Ritu Polymers. Ritu Polymers is a Professional manufacturer of high-quality processed PTFE stock shapes and engineered components, including PTFE sheets, PTFE rods, PTFE gaskets, PTFE bushes, PTFE tubes, PTFE bearing materials and PTFE bridge bearings launched in the year 2011, at Thane, Maharashtra, the centre of accessories and consumables manufacturing, with innovative visions in the arena. We are leading, next-generation manufacturing Company with strong business interests in PTFE end use products and host of cutting edge technology PTFE products & services.

Ritu Polymers are manufacturing products as per requirements from the customers.Ritu Polymers products range to PTFE and Filled Grade PTFE products like Rods, Bushes, Extruded Rods, Skived sheets, Molded Sheets, Balls, Envelope Gaskets, Milled and Ready Cut Gaskets, U, V, D & O-Rings, Piston Rings, Ball Valve Seals, Bellows, Washers, V-Packing ,SPIRAL RINGS,COIL TYPE CUT RINGS etc.


To deliver 100 % Customer satisfying products
To become first choice company in the market.
To consume minimum resources in the entire manufacturing process

WHAT is our AIM

We will be ethical sincere and open towards our business.
There will be devotion in our human resource to manufacture high standard products.


Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Transparency and Corporate Responsibility are the pillars of our vision and mission and form the cornerstone of our approach that we bring to every engagement. In short our Vision & Mission can be easily summed up as “To use our industry insights and experience to our advantage and provide innovative, high quality, superior and cost effective solutions that brings overall growth to our customers.”

Our ethics our difference

At Ritu Polymers we believe when creativity, technology and marketing combine through strategic planning incredible results are achievable. With the best interest of our clients in mind, our actions are always focused on conversions and business growth. We view clients as partners, and our success is only measured by the success of our partners. So we put it all on the table in order to exceed expectations. We know each new project is a gamble, but there is no one we’d rather bet on than ourselves. At Ritu Polymers, our culture matters. And it reflects in our work. Here, jobs are careers, not just a way to pay the bills.

The finished product matters to us because it carries our name. Our staff is young, energetic and innovative, and we are never afraid to take risks in an effort to help our clients. Every member of our team is passionate about PTFE and our Products. For each piece of output no matter how large or how small, we strive to not only meet your needs, but deliver a showcase in your field. Each of our pieces starts with the simple question “How will you measure the success of this piece?” Success is critical to our team; whether that success comes in the form of happy clients, loyal site users or solid metrics. To help us better understand the challenges of your project we try to establish not only the goals but what are your current returns, challenges and the opportunities for growth. Our approach has yielded many successful sites and happy customers over the years. We hope you'll be next!